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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 21, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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-- with us. have a great day everybody. >> take care. closed captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> shannon: rebels say they are closing in on the prize the capital city of tripoli. one rebel unit says it is 15 miles from the gadhafi strong whole. breaking news, the associated process rebel troops have captured a military base seizing large amounts of weapons. the obama administration says gadhafi's days are numbered. i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with dominic di-natale in tunisia with the latest. hello dominic. >> reporter: yes, we are hearing from rebels they believe the fall of colonel gadhafi after 40 years of
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dictatorship be 72 hours away. they say they've got as many as 15,000 troops on the outskirts of the city, close as 15 miles, ready for a final push in the capital. in the past 48 hours we've seen them take key towns, an oil refinery town on the coast. also another key town to the east of the city. bear in mind, with 15,000 troops, they will be taking on the capital, which is larger than any city that they've taken so far. there is a real sense of momentum behind the rebels' approach. there was fighting overnight, in coordination say the rebels, with nato strikes. explosions and gunfire were heard across the city. that has continued throughout today. we believe that key neighborhoods, there were groups and citizens waiting for the rebels to come closer. whereby, they intend on joining those ranks in one final push. there whether it is 72 hours
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or longer. you have to remember colonel gadhafi is the sly fox of the sahara. he has been on the ropes before. we are not sure whether his end is that close. he does have the ability to stay longer. he has the resources. his army and government forces are by no means depleted. he did appear on state tv in a poor quality audio message last night, fighting yesterday's day. calling the rebels rats and calling on libyan civilians to turn out in the streets in their millions to support him. nobody is doing that. we are hearing more key supporters are defecting including the oil minister who fled in a convoy of 16 land cruisers. people thought that was gadhafi and his family escaping, but it turned out to be the third of one of his top aides leaving him in a week. it still feels like his days are numbered. >> shannon: dominic, thank you. >> as international pressures
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on him increase, syria's president is take together airwaves to address his critics. state run news agency says assad will give a rare television interview to be broadcast after the evening news. he's expected to comment on u.s. and european demands that he step down. and the announcement about new sanctions. only his fourth public appearance since the revolt against his family's 40 year ruler resulted in march. >> tehran's chief prosecutor confirms that two hikers have been sentenced to eight years each in prison. the lawyer for the two says he will appeal that must be done within 20 days. their families have released a statement saying of the 751 days of their imprisonment yesterday and today have been the most difficult. shane and josh are innocent and have never posed any threat to the islamic republish of iran, its government or people. they have already been in iran, held for two years.
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not clear if those sentences will already include the time that has been served. >> stunning video from the kansas city air show captures a stunt pilot's fatal crash yesterday. he was performing loops and spirals when his plane would not pull up. the rest of the air show was cancelled yesterday. it is expected to resume today. >> not just a good time any more. preseason nfl game turned violent sending several to the hospital. casey stegall is live with the latest on what happened. >> reporter: this is a developing story that we are following..#y multiple incidents at last night's game this is all going down at candlestick park. after the 49ers beat their big right kralls -- big rivals the raiders last night. reports of two shootings, following the game, police think they might be connected. cops saying a 24-year-old man
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wearing a shirt mocking the 49ers with obscenities took two gunshot wounds in the stomach injuries being called life threatening. a 20-year-old in the hospital with less serious superficial wounds to the face after he too was shot. police say they have one raiders' fan in custody. no other details are being released. the shootings capping off a night filled with violence, including this throw-down in the stands, all caught on tape. would you like at that fistfight. there was another fight, if you can believe it, also happening in the men's room at candlestick. that one sending a man to the hospital, after he was assaulted and knocked unconscious. no word if the fights are linked to the shootings. the whole thing is reminiscent of what happened here in los angeles back in march when the giants played at dodgers' stadium. remember brian stow? the giants fan beaten so severely, he suffered brain damage. his family last week reporting he's showing significant
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improvements, now breathing on his own and can move slightly on command. he still cannot speak. cops arrested two men who have both pled not guilty. dodgers stadium increased security following that indent. it is likely the same will happen at candlestick park. the 49ers are not making any official statements at this hour. >> shannon: casey, thank you for the update. the message is not new. president obama is pointing to republicans as the cause of the economic mess that we're in. mr. obama insists he's willing to work with speaker boehner. but says boehner has to get his house in order first. ed henry is live and joins with us the latest. >> reporter: this is not a new message from the president. we heard it repeatedly on that bus tour through the midwest earlier this week where he was saying, that republicans will not come to the table and work with him and specifically, what he was saying in this
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interview for the program cbs sunday morning, he was saying his problem with john boehner is not with him personally. it is the fact if he tries to cut a deal with boehner the speaker has to go back and deal with the tea party faction within his own party and can't get agreement. we saw that with the debt talks. the president wondering that will be the same thing that plays out when he introduces his economic plan next month. the president did in the interview with cbs suggests that he understands the stakes are high. and if unemployment doesn't turn around soon, co-lose his job. -- he could lose his job. >> the president: unemployment rate still too high, economy not growing fast enough. for me, we've may the right decisions, things would have been much worse had we not. that is not that satisfying if you don't have a job right now. and i understand that and i expect to be judged a year from now on whether or not
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things have continued to get better. >> reporter: former bush white house senior adviser karl rove was on fox news sunday this morning, saying the problem is presidential leadership. he said in his estimation, the 8th or 9th time the president has crafted some sort of economic plan. rove suggesting time is running out for the president amid republican criticism of this vacation. saying the president shouldn't even be here at all. white house aides pushing back saying this is a working vacation. the president putting together some details of that economic plan. also this morning he got another briefing on the situation in libya so he can stay on top of that as well. >> shannon: henry live with the president in martha's vineyard, thank you. president obama has hit a new low in gallup polling. job approval rating fell to 39% in a reason three-day rolling average. what do those numbers mean for his reelection campaign?
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let's ask our panel, adam goaler and margorie is a democratic pollster. welcome to you both. >> what does he do with those numbers? he has officially launched his reelection campaign. >> these numbers could be a problem for the president down the road. right now, i don't look at just the number you cited, but also the generic ballot question. that gallup asks the president versus a republican candidate for president. and president obama wins that contest. he wins in key states right now such as north carolina, nevada. and ohio, i've seen polling where he's winning in multiple targeted battle ground states. then you see polling that shows democrats have the advantage in the generic ballot for congress for the first time for the -- bay the
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largest margin since 2009. if you look at the climate in its totality, the president looks strong. >> shannon: adam do you agree. when you look beyond the 39% approval rating, there are a lot of other numbers that margorie points out. are they more important than that single indicator? >> there are some polls that margorie cites that shows the president to be in better shape. the problem is there is a lot more other polls and nationally respected polls that shows the president in bad shape. marriage 's point is a lot can happen in -- margorie's point is a lot can happen in 15 months that is true, there's a lot that has to happen, lowering the employment dramatically. here's the context, a job approval rate of 39% is very, very bad. in order for an incumbent to have a good chance to win reelection they've got to be at least 49/50%.
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within the gallup poll is the president's job approval on the economy only 26% approve of that within that 23% of independents, the economy clearly one of the most important issues going into 2012. all we've gotten from the obama administration so far is that food stamps and unemployment checks seem to be good for the stimulus. that ain't gonna cut it in terms of their plan for the economy. >> shannon: marriage let's touch on that poll. 26% approve of how the president is doing, which turns out to be the number one issue that potential 2012 voters care about. 71% disapprove. he's down 11 points on this measure since mid may. again, one of his lowest numbers. he's going to give a big speech dealing with jobs and the economy will that give him a bounce on these numbers? >> you are both right the economy is top of mind for voters. that is something i hear when
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i talk to voters. there's other things to think about in terms of the climate. how do the people feel obama is handling the economic crisis versus republicans? if you look at fox's poll from august, polling from around the country from all the national networks in terms of who is being the adult and trying to put together a real plan that can move forward the economy, fox's poll shows twice as many people feel obama was doing that as republicans in congress. republicans in congress suffered more in the debt ceiling talks than obama or democrats in congress. i think there's a difference between blame and responsibility. and i think voters feel concerned about the economy. also feel at that time president is trying to do something about it. i think those are different things. when you have republicans use this extreme talk, you mentioned food stamps that is like newt gingrich talking point. it is not where the people are. people feel that the president wants to have a balanced approach that cuts taxes to
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the middle class, which is something he has been working on and wants to continue doing. while asking the millionaires and billionaires to pay a little more. also putting entitlements on the table. >> margorie he's not doing any of that stuff. the president hasn't put any significant proposals on the take. he has done nothing but blame. blaming bad luck, blaming republicans. the administration is saying that republicans want to put party before country. that is a charge of treason, essentially. people talk about rick perry/nxs and all this stuff. the fact is, they've been using this blame-game for months and months. there has been no proposal, no jobs plan. of his third year that's why his numbers are so low. you mentioned tax cuts. there hasn't been a proposal for tax cuts they want to
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raise taxes they use the code word revenue. they mean we want to raise >> shannon: adam, margie, thank you both there's a discussion that can go on for much longer. >> thanks shannon. a fourth person confirmed dead as a result of flash flooding in pittsburgh friday. the 72-year-old woman thought to be missing. like the other victims, turns out she died when her car was submerged in water that got up to nine feet in some places. three other victims family killed when their car was pinned to the tree in the middle of those flood waters. >> trouble brewing in the tropics, tropical storm irene could become a hurricane by tomorrow and could make landfall here in the u.s.. hello rick. >> tropics and more severe weather heading towards the pittsburgh area where we saw
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those drownings from the flooding the other day. >> anywhere you see yellow, slight risk for shraoer weather and likely a few tornadoes across areas of eastern pennsylvania or parts of no, a threat is real for the day today. the tropics beginning to get active. tropical storm yesterday that made landfall in belize this is irene across parts of the lesser antilles that is puerto rico, it is getting close. hurricane watch issued for puerto rico. likely see it become a hurricane somewhere around the dominican republic. haiti, keep in mind because of the people still living in those tents, haiti could take a very bad beating. depending on how much time it has with land, we are looking at something here around the bahamas, towards florida, maybe a hurricane by thursday morning, making landfall somewhere in south florida, and then tracking up the east coast. a lot of thin happen between now and then, depending on how much -- how much time it has
12:16 pm
interacting with the land. possibly a storm in the gulf, best chance across parts of florida or could skier the eastern side and affect georgia, south carolina, north carolina, anybody from the center gulf across much of the eastern seaboard needs to be watching this closely. looks like our first hurricane on our hands affecting the u.s. in a couple of years. >> shannon: we will stay tuned for your updates, thank you rick. sounds like something straight out of the movies. bag of diamonds worth millions, missing. details on this heist and how it went down. >> . leland have iters has a live report, next. [ male announcer ] 95% of all americans aren't getting enough whole grain. but actually, it's never been easier to get the whole grain you want from your favorite big g cereals. from cheerios to lucky charms, there's whole grain in every box. make sure to look for the white check.
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>> shannon: there are reports that militants in hamas-ruled gaza strip will agree to a cease-fire with israel. associated press reporting that egypt helped broker the deal that will go into effect this evening. . leland vittert is on the ground in israel with the latest. >> reporter: it is still a very unclear as to whether
12:21 pm
hamas and israel have agreed or hamas has offered this or hamas and a faction thereof. there is a saying in the me east the only thing you need for a war is a rocket to hit a school that is what happened this morning where i'm standing. take a look at the damage on the school gym you can see what it did to the wall. if you come here you understand the power of these rockets this is the hole it went through into the gymnasium there. was nobody hurt because the school year has not started, that is 10 days away. that was not the case last night. the warning sirens went off as people in this neighborhood were breaking the sabbath. you can see are the missile came in. this is the car park destroyed and you see what it did to the side of the house. these are truly weapons of terror. destruction in killing as
12:22 pm
random as instantaneous. this is part of the body of the missile. ininside gaza the factories where they make these they've taken some of the technology they used for suicide vests, packing these missiles with ball bearings as the missile explodes this guess out. the man who died was standing where i am. witnesses say he was lifted off the ground by the force of the explosion. he was doing what he was supposed to do, take cover behind this wall. you can see what the shrapnel did to this wall. one ball bearing embedded here a number of others pulverized. that is what happened to the man who was killed. >> i saw a big pool of blood next to him. there was another guy that was obviously conscious and i had to make a decision. >> reporter: the people in this house were able to take cover. had they been in their kitchen,
12:23 pm
you can see what would have happened. refrigerator torn apart. as they headed up the stairs they would have been cut down by the same shrapnel coming in. israel has said that they are going to maintain all of their options ahead of this cease-fire and won't comment on any direct negotiations. what we'll see over the next 10 to 12 hours is whether hamas will live up to this deal and whether they will be able to control the other militant groups inside gaza to keep them from launching more of these missiles. >> shannon: leland vittert, thank you. >> for a fourth week in a row stocks are down. that has some afraid a dip in confidence could lead to another recession. what about you at home? do the wild swings have you avoiding your stock portfolio? if so, brenda buttner has your investor to-do list.
12:24 pm
rollercoaster are of a ride the past few weeks. leaders on both sides of the atlantic work to cleanup debt. vice president and senior analyst says none of the structural problems causing the freak out will be solved any time soon. >> it is the debt crisis in europe and the debt crisis here in the united states. it requires a lot of belt-tightening. a lot of restructuring of both the tax code and what we spend taxes on. this is a long slog we believe going for. >> in the meantime she says think of investing as owning a company, not trading a stock. >> i look to buy companies that make real products that are going return returns to me as an investor. that keeps me sane in these markets. >> while some believe this is an opportune time top invest in stocks that are on sale, she says to invest for the
12:25 pm
long term. >> some aren't going to earn what we thought in the last six machine. but, they are still making products that people of the world need and want. and we believe that buying these companies on sale, is a good idea for investors. again, your time horizon should be long. >> she says not to take her advice to mean you should hang on to stocks that aren't necessarily going to bounce back. >> buy and review and review. you have to understand is the thesis of why i bought the stock still working? you are forecasting, does this company still make products that people are going to buy at the same rate tomorrow? >> what about just getting out of stocks all together if you can't sleep at night? recent history suggests that may not be best. study shows those who jumped out of equities in 2008, when the prices began then got back in are only up 2%.
12:26 pm
those who stuck it out, up 50% on average. that's something to consider. >> shannon: brenda, thank you. >> thank you. shone shone los angeles police looking for a gang of thieves who staged a -- bold heist in north hollywood. victim's car rear-ended another vehicle pull in front of him to him from leaving. six masked men surrounded the car smashed the passenger's side window and stole a backpack containing two million dollars worth of diamonds. authorities believe the guy was targeted. not clear why he had the diamonds, local media reports he's a jewelry salesman. >> michelle bachmann says she will skip the florida straw poll. is that smart? we talk to her campaign spokesman, next. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center recommends the custom-fit orthotic that's best for your tired feet. foot-care scientists are behind it. you'll get all-day relief.
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>> shannon: fox news alert. a lot of movement for rebel ms. libya. could they be closer to a victory. >> reporter: the associated press now reports that libyan rebels are 15 miles from tripoli and have captured a major military base. last night rebels clashed with heavily armored government forces at the capital. there are reports that taff is preparing to leave libya. -- that gadhafi is preparing to leave libya. president obama says he expects to be judge in the next election on whether the economy improves. the president said he doesn't
12:31 pm
think america in danger of another recession. >> preseason game in the nfl turned violent and sent fans to the hospital. a fight broke out in the stands at candlestick park where the 49ers were playing against the raiders. 26-year-old man knocked unconscious in the bathroom. two others shot in the parking lot. >> if you think it is hot out, imagine being a panda, covered with fur. lots of ice gave them a break in southwest china. pandas nuzzled the giant ice blocks to stay cool. adults can go through four or five blocks of ice a day. those are the top stories right now. >> shannon: that's got to be some of the best video of the day. >> reporter: it is i'm actually sitting on a of ice right now. >> shannon: i can tell you look calm, cool and collected, thank you peter. president obama's supporters defending him against another round of bad economic news. >> more than two weeks before
12:32 pm
the president presents his jobs plan, both sides are gearing up for the fight. it comes at a delicate time for the president on vacation in martha's vineyard with cameras following him having a good time with his family with so many other families struggling. allies and critics faced-off on how the recovery is playing out many >> middle class families now are struggling. it is not like the moment the president inherited from president describe. when he came to office 700,000 jobs a month were being shed from the . right now in this recovery, 2.3 million jobs added to the recovery. >> things have not gotten better under this president's leadership. there's a fail are of leadership. the biggest threat to his reelection is the growing sense this president may be in over his head. you are starting to see that take root with voters, especially independent voters. >> the president will unveil his new jobs plan after labor day. this morning john mccain says
12:33 pm
he hopes it is not packed with new spending like the stimulus. pointing out the administration predicted the stimulus would keep unemployment under 8%, today it is over 9. defenders say without the stimulus unemployment would be higher than it is today. >> shannon: she took first place in the iowa straw poll, now michelle bachmann says she will not par face in next month's florida gop straw poll. here win sight into why she has taken a pass is alice stewart. thank you for joining us. >> good to see you again. >> shannon: such a huge win in iowa, why not invest in florida? >> it is important to realize we got in late in the game, 48 days from the moment she announced to start an organization. she participated in two major debates. she went back and forth to washington to vote on key issues that will effect the future of our country.
12:34 pm
we executed a winning straw poll in iowa and the first to win, and in 48 days. our plan was to get through the straw poll, do well and winning exceeded our expectations. this week we shifted more to where we go from here? we are looking at expanding operations in south carolina and florida. right now, participating in the florida straw poll while it is critical and florida will be a critical state in this process, we are not going to dedicate the resources to participating in that straw poll. by no means is that any indication we are not going to move full speed ahead in developing an organization in the sunshine state. >> shannon: do you have worries because the congresswoman's name will still be on the ballot if she doesn't spend time participating in that straw poll, if she doesn't finish well in the ballotting that folks at home and around the country may not understand her skipping florida, may see her further down the polls, are
12:35 pm
you worried about the perception? >> not at all this is a strategic move. as i said getting through the straw poll was critical step for us. we are planning to shift resources and develop an organization in florida. we plan to campaign there in the next few weeks. once people get the opportunity to see her and visit with her and speak with her, they will be pleased with what they see and hear. we have debates coming up. we have three debates in september. this will be yet another opportunity for michelle to explain where she is on the issues, defend her record and so she has what it takes to be the next president of the united states. whether her name is or not on the straw poll ballot in florida is not going to affect her longevity in this race. >> shannon: one of the debates is the fox news debate in orlando, florida, september 22nd. let me ask you about the entry of governor perry. some have speculated that his numbers in the polling show he's pulling away some support that would go to the congresswoman. any concerns about that?
12:36 pm
>> none. we welcome any and everyone into this race. at the end of the day it up to the people to decide. we've seen all -- since the straw poll a tremendous boost in support for michelle. crowds in south carolina were over-the-top. people standing out in sweltering heat to visit with her. one thing we learned with winning the straw poll her message is connecting with the people of fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, smaller government. certainly on strong faith and family values. her message is connecting with them, but also her method of campaigning. she loves to talk to the people and listen to them. she speaks with any and everyone until the last hand is shaken and last autograph is given and photo is taken. she really does connect with the people. whether or not governor perry will have an impact, we done see that because her crowds grow every time she has an event.
12:37 pm
>> shannon: alice stewart, we'll see you again soon. >> thank you. >> shannon: it could cost you at home hundreds of thousands of dollars to print ballots in languages, on english. one congressman says it is time to put a stop it to. immigration advocates say it could disturning eligible legal minorities from voting. we'll hash that out, next. >> what happened here? check it out, the scoop on this sticky situation, next. ♪ with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced. i don't always have time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes, which can help ler a1c. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf ubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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>> shannon: close but no cigar. a semi was pinned under an overpass in denver for hours yesterday. the truck was within the size limit but in the wrong lane when it tried to go under this bridge. nobody was injured. the bridge seems to be fine. inspectors are checking it to make sure it is safe. >> 350,000 that's how much it could cost each county across america that has to print ballots in languages other than english. one colorado congressman wants to pass a law that would undo what he calls this unfunded federal mandate. he's getting plenty of push back saying this is an attempt to disinfranchise voters. gentlemen welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> shannon: congressman this is part of the voting rights act from 1973 to make sure all folks can vote whether they
12:42 pm
are proficient in english or not. why did you want to shut that down? >> this is section 203 of the voting rights act that specific provision this is a costly, unfunded mandate upon cash strapped local jurisdictions. the methodology to determine which jurisdiction falls under this requirement exaggerates the need in colorado we have 10 counties now subject to the requirement. looks like the obama administration wants to add another 16 counties. in my home county the cost of additional printing and postage has been estimated to be $350,000. when a county falls under this requirement, it is not just those who request the ballot it is every ballot has to be dual language. i'm not opposed, i just think the decision shouldn't be made out of washington, d.c.. it ought to be made in the local communities. >> shannon: is that a fair
12:43 pm
argument to you? that this is something that individual communities should be able to decide whether they can afford or should washington hand it down from on high? >> the fact of the matter is, colorado has been providing some form of language assistance to voters before 1975, according to research in the voting rights act. what is incredible about this argument, it assumes decisions are being made by the obama administration that is not true. the decision whether or not to provide bilingual ballots is a financing -- is a function of change in census shrum -- census numbers. it is simple demography. >> shannon: congressman, can you put a price on somebody's ability to vote in a republican democracy? >> a couple of things. i think all of us support the ability for every united states citizen with a legal right to cast a ballot
12:44 pm
to do so in this country. there is no specific right in law, for someone who does not speak english to be afforded the right to vote in their native language. what the law says in the long form, in a given jurisdiction over 5% of the voting age respondents say that they are not -- their ability to comprehend english is not in the very well category it goes very well, well, fair and not at all. if they respond in anything other than very well, they're considered language deficient. if that jurisdiction meets that 5% threshold, every ballot has to go out dual language. i think that's a really gross exaggeration in terms of defining that need. i said at the university of vera rutz you -- i studied at
12:45 pm
the university of veracruz in mexico. i could read a ballot in spanish. i think the way the law -- >> shannon: mr. cartagena, is it improper to ask that somebody who is here in the u.s. and wants to vote should have at least basic english proficiency to cast a ballot? >> not all american citizens, believe it or not, are born speaking english in the united states. there's over four million puerto rico -- puerto ricans who live in the united states, 3.8 million in puerto rico. english was not a requirement for their citizenship back then nor is it now. here's the point, whether i can speak in spanish or in english at one level is going to be very difficult for me to translate that and read a ballot initiative. i think even a congressman would an tkwrae. it would take two or three readings in complex ballot initiatives. i also studied in mexico,
12:46 pm
congressman the fact that i may know spanish does not mean i can translator make sense of complex legal jargon. >> shannon: gentlemen we have to leave it there. congressman and mr. cartagena, we thank you both and watch what happens on capitol hill. kim kardashian officially off the market. she tie -- she tied the knot last night. we have a bit of scoop for you, next. n, pro golfer. if you have painful, swollen joints, i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprid how quickly my symoms have beemanaged. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events
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>> shannon: texas attorney general abbott is celebrating a rulinging from the 11th circuit of appeals, the court found mandate to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. yesterday abbott praised that decision. >> liberty itself is on the line in this case. in addition to the limited form of government, the form of government that we know we've inherited under the constitution. this is such an important case. >> shannon: not is happy about the ruling. the constitutional accountability center disagrees, filed a friend of the court brief in the case. elizabeth serve as chief counsel for the accountability center and engines us to talk about in case and where it
12:51 pm
goes from -- and where it goes from here. now we have two different circuits, these courts one level below the supreme court that disagree. 6th sirte circuit said constitutional, 11 circuit said not so. you think the 11th circuit got it wrong? >> i do the george w. bush nominee jeff sutton, got it right in his opinion upholding the mandate as constitutional. one of the things that is interesting when you take the rhetoric we saw from greg abbott and also the rhetoric that is sprinkled throughout the 11th circuit majority opinion itself, there's a misconception that the founders gave us this very limited central government it we tried that in the preconstitutional articles of confederation. it was a major failure. so much so that george washington suggested that it
12:52 pm
nearly cost americans victory in the revolutionary war. when you look at the constitution's texan history as judge sutton did in his -- ruling upholding this mandate you see congress has very broad and substantial powers. with the modern reality of our health care system the affordable care act fits within those powers. >> shannon: [ unintelligible ] the commerce clause critics say have been stretched beyond what it was intended to do. how do you answer those who say, if the government can force to you buy health insurance they can force to you buy ly or anything else? absolutely -- to buy broccoli or anything else? >> absolutely not. these are baseless. the constitution provides the limits to federal power. to say there aren't limits ridiculous. there are limits in the
12:53 pm
commerce clause. the text says among the several states. the problem that congress is addressing under the commerce clause must be national in nature and one that states cannot solve on their own. the entire constitution is a limit on congress' power under the commerce clause. there can't be action under the commerce clause that violates another portion of the constitution. there's no constitutional right to shirk your responsibility to pay for medical care and shift the cost on to your neighbor. >> shannon: we will see how it place out. -- how it plays out and have you backing when they reach a decision. thank you. friday's closing bell marks the fourth straight losing week sparks fears of a global recession. steve forbes will tell us if he thinks america is headed in that direction. >> we've asked to you reach us several ways, e-mail, facebook or twitter. let us know if you think
12:54 pm
another recession is on the way. ♪
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12:57 pm
on the surface, rick perry and george w. bush have a lot in common is but perry insists interest are differences. >> it was governor about perry's answer to our own carl cameron abouts question about the surface level similarities of george w. bush that really reconciled the bush loyalists. >> they are not all carbon copies in texas.
12:58 pm
he is a yale graduate. i'm a texas a&m graduate. >> when both have a cordial relationship. why one would do that i don't know. bush raised, he moved heaven and earth to get rick perry elected as his running mate as lieutenant governor. >> tony frato couldn't get to facebook fast enough to label the comments about the federal chairman inappropriate. we are talking about texas over the past 20 years where the bushes represent clearly the establishment and rick perry represents the social conservative who now are pretty much in control of the republican politics today. >> the tensions date back to the push perry gubernatorial ticket of 1998 when bush was already eyeing his bid for the white house. >> he wanted to reach out and sort of broaden the base of
12:59 pm
support. by contrast, rick perry had a tough battle for lieutenant governor and wanted to go more negative. >> while stumping for rudy giuliani in late 2007 perry disparaged in texas. last year the bush machine supported senator perry's opponent. he will need the bushes if not now, soon. >> perry does want to establish himself as being his own man. sounding like he is being dismissive of the former president is not smart tactically. >> the bush rangers and bundlers and campaign donors who rallied hundreds of millions but who haven't fully aligned behind the next.
1:00 pm
in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> shannon: significant advances in libya, rebel forces making their way into muammar qaddafis it strong hold. we will have a live report. u.s. markets post yet another losing week. president obama says he doesn't think the country is in danger of another recession. is he right? we will ask steve fox and get his opinion. >> fans watched in horror as a stunt pie lat crashed and died at an air show yesterday. we will tell you what happened. i'm shannon bream. hour number two of america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. first a story that has everyone talking. preseason football is supposed to be relatively boring but not when violence erupts in the stands and in the parking lot. things got so bad at the 49ers raiders game two
1:01 pm
football fans are now clipping to life. casey stegall with the latest. >> last night's game was a violent one and we are not just talking about all of the action out on the field. we were just showing you the tape. we cannot show it to you enough. take a look at this. fists flying and a fight erupting in the stands all caught on tape. what were these people thinking? involving 49ers fans and rivals supporting the oakland raiders. one of two alter kateions. another fight in a men's room sent one man to the hospital. he was assaulted and knocked unconscious. look at that. later after the game in the parking lot, reports of go separate shootings although police think that they might be connected. 24-year-old man wearing a t-shirt mocking the 49ers is now in the hospital with life threatening injuries at this hour. he was shot at least twice in the stomach. and a 0-year-old is also -- and a 20-year-old is also in the hospital with less serious wounds to the face after he, too, was shot.
1:02 pm
it is unclear if the violence outside the stadium had anything to do with the fights inside but police say they do have one raiders fan in custody. this raises questions about safety at sporting events of course, because it follows that vicious attack outside of dodgers stadium this past march. an attack on brian stowe. remember the san francisco giants fan that was beaten so is a rearly he was left with brain damage. well, the father of two is still in the hospital improving but unable to speak. two men are in custody for that crime. both pleading not guilty and the d.a. here in los angeles is saying that both have essentially, however, admitted to their involvement. now, the nfl has not released any official remarks about the incidents last night at candlestick park. the 49ers basically sent out a two line statement acknowledging what happened but also saying that no further information is available at this time. shannon?
1:03 pm
>> shannon: casey stegall with the latest from california. thank you. and this is a fox news alert. rebel sleeper cells are rising up in libya's capital city. residents report clashes and protests all over tripoli as a large rebel force is rapidly advancing towards muammar qaddafi's stronghold. the obama administration says his reign is near an end. dominik has the latest. hello, dominik. >> hey there, shannon. indeed, they are saying the rebels it could be 72 hours that we see finally the fall of colonel qaddafi. they claim they have between 12,000 and 15,000 troops within 15 miles of the senor is of the capital itself. they are preparing for the final assault. they have taken two key towns in the past 48 hours, a key oil
1:04 pm
refinery town on the coast and a key town to the east as well. they are taking on the capital this time and that is by far bigger than any city they have taken on before. perhaps three cities together will be the fairer assessment of the scale of the battle they have got to take on ahead of them. all the same, the rebels feel there is true momentum behind them this time. they are encouraged by a recent space of nato strikes which they say were in coordination with several strikes they had on the outskirts of the city over the weekend. that actually led a lot of troops to make inroads closer to the center of the city, far closer than they have been before. there are also rebel groups within the city smaller numbers of these groups who have been taking on government forces. residents say that overnight they heard explosions and gun fire and that continued throughout the day and inch by inch appears the rebels are making their way to the center. colonel qaddafi, his
1:05 pm
whereabouts actually unknown. appeared on state tv in an audio message suggesting that he doesn't have the access to state tv proper and proper recording services. he called the rebels rats and called the libyan to pour into the streets to show support. snowbound has done that today. and in fact, we are hearing that more key supporters have actually started to defect. we are hearing the oil minister has left and made his way here to tunisia. that will be the third top government oh knicks in the past week to abandon him. support has diminished indeed, as public support appears to be diminishing in the capital as well. the rebels claim it is 72 hours away before he falls, could have some substance to it. we will see what happens overnight. we are expecting fresh skirmishes and fresh assaults to start, shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. as international pressures increase syria's president is taking to the air waves to address his critics. the state run news agency says
1:06 pm
he will give a rare television interview. he is expected to comment on u.s. and european demands that he step down and also the announcement of new sanctions. only his fourth public appearance since the revolt erupted in march. tay ron's key prosecutor confirms that two howard k. stern hikers in iran sentenced to 8 years each in prison for spying and entering the country illegally. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fattal says he will appeal the ruling which has to be done in 20 days. secretary clinton released a statement. bauer and fattal have already been held in iran for two years. not clear if their sentences will include time already served. facing the lowest approval
1:07 pm
ratings of his presidency, president obama says he is ready to work with republican ares on getting the economy in order but says the speaker of the house needs to get republicans to fall in line first. ed is live at martha's vineyard. >> the president spent some time this morning on the beach with his family. he is now out golfing with a group of friends and aids insist that he has been trying to stay on top of both foreign developments. he was briefed again this morning and was getting regular updates about the developing situation in libya but he is also keeping an eye on the economy and in fact before he came here to martha's vineyard when was on the bus tour in the midwest he was hitting the same theme you mentioned, going after speaker john boehner and other republican leaders and saying the problem here is that basically they are not working with him. but the president also in a cbs news interview he taped during that bus tour that aired on cbs
1:08 pm
sunday morning. he said he understands that his reelection is online due to the economy but he had karl rove saying the real problem is not republicans it is a lack of leadership. list. >> you have an unemployment rate too high and an economy not growing fast enough. for me to argue, what, we actually made the right decisions, things would have been much worse had we not made those decisions, that is not that satisfying if you don't have a job right now and i understand that. i expect to be judged a year from now on whether or not things continue to get better. >> his policies have fail. this is the 7th or 8th or 9th time the president has talked about producing a plan. each time he has tossed an idea out on the table it included only more spending, more deficit and more debt and the american people are fed up with it. >> karl rove there referring, 7th, 8th, 9th time there has been a plan.
1:09 pm
referring to the fact the president during the working vacation is trying to put together a new economic plan that aids say will be unveiled early next month after labor day. aids say the components will include probably potentially tax cuts. potentially highway spending to try to get the economy going. you can hear karl rove and all of the other critics saying they heard the ideas before and they are not sure this will be anything new here. >> shannon: we will wait and see. thanks, ed. u.s. stocks closed down friday after a week of troubling economic data. that has some economists saying we are on the verge of another recession. what does steve forbes think he joins us to talk about it. great to see you today. >> good to be with you, shannon. >> at this point the market having a rough ride in recent weeks. are they driving the fear or simply reflecting it? >> they are reflecting to the banking crisis in europe and the inability of the europeans to deal with their own
1:10 pm
sovereign debt crisis in unlike 20 years ago when we dealt with the latin american debt crisis. also here at home the president is still sticking with his failed policies. he will have another unveiling after labor day. so far there is no indication that he will alter his course. he calls upon john boehner the speaker to come down and talk. he has done that before. as boehner says the president keeps moving the goal post every time they get near an agreement. the same old same old. i think the market overreacted. wise investors now start to get into the market realizing there will be a lot of turbulence to come but in a year or so this country is going to turn for the better. and by the way, shannon, we will do a little better in the economy in the second half. like a car on the highway we will two from 10 miles an hour to 20 miles an hour when we should be going 70. so the speed will go up but not nearly by enough. >> shannon: any increase at this point will be welcome news
1:11 pm
to folks across the country. i want to ask you about home sales because folks think they end up driving or leading a recovery when it is in place. we will get more housing numbers this week. they haven't been positive, though. >> they have not. and one of the reasons we haven't had a bottom in the market and then a rebound which is what should be happening is the government trying to help us by clogging the mortgage market and keeping people in homes they can't afford. not letting the market clear and letting the banks work things out with home owners who might have a chance too keep their homes. the market has become stuck. arteries are clogged. as a result something that should have been happening by now or a rebound in housing still hasn't happened or won't for at least another year with the government standing in the way. bottom line is when the government says they are here to help you, just run away. >> shannon: i want to ask you about the fact that this week on friday there will be a speech by federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. how important do you think that speech will be, what do you
1:12 pm
expect he will say and how about the markets react? >> the markets look at ben bernanke acknowledges that the market is going to go for printing more none any. the banks have plenty of liquidity. we have an economy right now that faces severe headwinds. a cheap dollar that is thriving private capital overseas. uncertainty about taxes and massive new regulations coming in from healthcare and elsewhere which is standing in the way of small businesses, crushing small businesses which as we know are the job creators in this economy sanja. >> shannon: when you look across all of the data coming in is there anything positive that you see out there? >> well, in terms of that going from ten miles an hour to 20 miles an hour, yes, there is some job creation. there is some basic strength in this economy. a high technology is still moving forward. and that is the thing, if we just got the government out of the way in terms of trashing the dollar and piling on new
1:13 pm
taxes and binge spending this economy would recover very quickly. if president obama he has been criticized for taking vacations, if he had taken a vacation on january 20, 2009 and done nothing the economy would be humming today and he would be called an economic genius but he chose not to do that. >> shannon: we will continue to let the political folks hash that out. good to see you. >> than none, thank you. >> shannon: are you worried about another recession? your comments are flooding in. we asked you to share your opinion on the web. visit our show page on facebook or send us a tweet. reach us at @ anhqdc. we look forward to reading your responses later this hour. facebook is apol apologizing fr removing this picture. it says "the post was removed in error.
1:14 pm
we apologize for any inconvenience ." she claims she got an e-mail telling her the picture was taken down because it violated facebook's community standards. here is her response. well, stunning video from the kansas city air show. it captured a stunt pilot's fatal crash yesterday. iowa native brian jensen was performing a series of loops and spirals and then his plane simply would not pull up. the rest of the air show was canceled yesterday but it is expected to resume today. we could be in for the first hurricane of the year in the atlantic. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth at the fox weather center with his eyes on tropical storm irene. hi, rick.
1:15 pm
>> that and weather to talk about today across parts of the northeast and mid atlantic. some of these storms becoming is a rear around philadelphia and up towards new york city. watch out today. as we move forward the next couple of days a tropical storm, tropical storm irene. our ninth storm of the year and we haven't had a hurricane yet. that has never happend that we haven't got that far without having a hurricane. this is one that likely will become a hurricane. a lot of land around it. going to go around puerto rico and then hispaniola. looks like all of the other conditions are ripe for strengthening. wednesday into thursday probably a hurricane around the bahamas headed some where in towards parts of florida. some models pull it a little to the west and some a little to the east. the area like miami possibly hurricane conditions maybe wednesday night and thursday morning and maybe landfall thursday night into friday. in you live across georgia
1:16 pm
report carolinas we will watch this potentially impacting you as well. maybe in towards parts of alabama and mississippi if it goes on the western side of this. regardless, a lot of areas of florida and even the atlanta area and charlotte and raleigh getting a lot of rain from this that could cause flooding as well. a good thing because people in the area need who be watching. >> shannon: those folks are pros down there by now. thanks, rick. >> you bet. >> shannon: talk about a bad day. a chicago man ended up in a massive sinkhole 14 feet across, 12 feet deep. he was driving on the northwest side when his car fell into the hole and flipped upside down. the chicago fire department had to rescue him. he was briefly hospitalized. has been released and he is okay. turns out a water main broke and caused that street to just collapse. at this hour, libyan rebels possibly on the verge of make
1:17 pm
tacking down qaddafi. the controversial mosque has set a big fund raising goal. the deadline? one day before the 9/11 anniversary. plus, it was a lovely morning on "fox news sunday." bret baier has all the details, after this break. i'm sure that is why you haven't stopped when i have. >> not really, bret. >> just keep it going. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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one week after the iowa straw poll and one week after texas governor rick perry jumped into the president race, some of the other gop contenders tried their best to give their campaigns a shot in the arm where president obama's supporters had a chance to teak shots of their own. peter doocy is live in washington with more. >> reporter: bill burton who used to work for president obama looked at the gop field and broke down what his old boss is keeping an eye out for. >> there is legend in the democratic party that back in 1980 jimmy carter's folks were really hoping to run against ronald reagan. i don't want to sit here and say that there is one candidate
1:22 pm
that we want or don't want. we do know from the field is no matter who it is, he or she is going want to essentially gut and end medicare. they will all want to end the eed pa and they will all want to put radical conservatives on the supreme court. >> a poll this week shows one challenger, former utah governor and ambassador to china unhuntsman as having 1% but he still thinks he has a good shot. >> measured in 2008, fred thompson would be president today or in 2004, howard dean. in new hampshire, they pick presidents. i know they pick something else in iowa. for us the trajectory and ground game is clear. we will to well in new hampshire and we will do well in south carolina and then we are going to bring it home in florida. >> also 1% in the poll, former senator rick sta rick santorumo thinks he is sitting pretty. >> if you look at the polls today in pennsylvania i'm dead
1:23 pm
even. i'm the only person in the race other man mitt romney who has been out there campaigning for a long time who is dead even with the governor of pennsylvania. >> santorum doesn't think perry is conservative enough and huntsman said perry's doubts about global warming could turn the gop into the antiscience party. shannon? >> interesting. peter thank you very much for the update. >> all right sox just how serious a threat is the governor, governor perry to presumptive frontrunner mit romney and further down the road to president obama. here to help us sort it out is liz chatterton and sherilyn lebon. thank you for coming in today. >> thank you. >> how would you assess governor perry's first week on the campaign trail? >> fascinating question. i will think governor perry had a c week on the campaign trail. i will give him this.
1:24 pm
he only doesn't get a d because he stole all the thunder from michele bachmann's win in iowa. he sucked all of the air out of the room. i will elevate him to a c because of that. i think he had serious gaps on the trail this week. apparently we don't believe in global warning and we are all about creationism in texas public schools. i graduated there and i don't remember being taught creationism but apparently that is what is happening now. i think those gaffes brought him from a b down to a c. >> shannon: more discussion on that coming up. some of the numbers show that he is pulling support away from people like michele bachmann who had been doing very well. >> michele bachmann, it is interesting because she did win in iowa. with respect to perry and his gaffes, i think that is a process that happens the first time you are on center stage. obama had several gaffes and in
1:25 pm
fact as president he still is having several gaffes. i think that is a process that perry has to work through. but again, perry is the governor of a pretty large state. it is huge. he has the type of experience that obama did not have when ran. so we're going to let him -- you know, we are going to let him have his little trials and errors but i think he is here and here to stay for a long time. >> shannon: a lot of folks think the field is not settled. there has been a growing bit of chatter about paul ryan who is largely seen as sort of the force behind the budget and policy set by. liz, do you think he gets in and if he does, what difference would it make? >> i really don't. i would be shocked if paul ryan got in. he is in a far greater leadership position than where he is in the house. right now he is the guy. he is leading the charge. he could easily be the guy to who changes the face of
1:26 pm
medicare for better or worse for the next two years. as far as electing a current house member to the presidency, we haven't done that in a long time and he is no fool and he knows that. i would be shocked if he got in. >> i agree. he did the yeoman's job on healthcare and med di medicare. i would prefer to have him stay where he is doing the work that he is doing. getting in at this late hour. we are in campaign and campaign world days, pretty late. we are at october/november. >> shannon: thank you both for coming in. >> thank you. >> shannon: we have a bit of breaking news now in libya's civil war. the associated press reporting that rebel troops captured a major military base seizing large amount tion os of weapon. can you tell us about the situation there in tripoli?
1:27 pm
>> it is getting tense and quite dangerous to be honest. all the journalist tion are being asked to move to one room in the hotel. the fighting is close to the hotel. sustained and heavy. mortars starting to land ingoing and outgoing and basically the journalists all get together and hunker down and get through this as best we can. >> shannon: and if you need to it short with us, mees do so. do we know that qaddafi is still there in tripoli for sure? >> a short time ago, no more than ten minutes the libyan intelligence chief arrived here at the hotel to give a press conference which is very unusual because his house was bombed by nato repeatedly on friday night and it was leveled. he came here to tell us basically that nato was working in conjunction with prisoners who are known al-qaedaed members and they were hoping coordinate attacks here.
1:28 pm
trying to discredit the nato operation and also to discredit french president nicolas sarkozy. i put the question to him is the libyan leader still in the capital and he basically rebuffed the question and said it is just the media wanting to know where he is so that nato can confirm his where abouts and then go after him. they are not confirming or denying his where abouts remaining a closely guarded secret. he is giving audio messages urging loyalists to stay firm and stand their ground and pick up weapons and fight but they are not saying where he is and as you would expect he has been in hiding for some time now and the fighting is getting very close. not only are the rebels coming far outside the city but i imagine there are quite a number of cells inside the city. many opposition fighters fighting pitch battle with government troops now you. >> shannon: thank you for being there to let the world know what is going on.
1:29 pm
stay safe and we will talk with you soon. fist fights in the stands, gun shots in the parking lot of. what was going on at one nfl matchup. we will it tell you after the break. and kim kardashian tied the knot. we will take a look atcc tashe multimillion dollar don't miss it. to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health. maybe not. v8 v-fusion juice gives them a full serving of vegetables plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. [ male announcer ] get five dollars in money-saving coupons at okay, so who ordered the cereal that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol.
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>> shannon: tropical storm irene is barreling toward the u.s. and could become the first
1:33 pm
hurricane of the season out of the atlantic. peter doocy with the top storys. >> tropical storm irene is on a fast track to the caribbean and threatening floridas if coast. wind speeds reached 50 miles an hour this morning according to the national hurricane center. republican presidential candidate john huntsman says the u.s. is "trying out for a sensible middle ground and he is the candidate for the job. ". the former utah governor says obama is too liberal and some of his fellow gop contenders are too far to the right and have zero substance. a preseason game in the nfl turned violent. a fight broke out in the stands at candlestick park where the 49ers were playing against the oakland raiders. 26-year-old man was knocked unconscious in a bathroom and two others shot in the parking lot. kim kardashian is officially off the market. she married nba player kris
1:34 pm
humphries last night. those are the top stories right now. back to you. >> it. >> shannon: i know you have your tivo set for the especial. >> didn't bruce jener used to be the fastest man in the world? how long do you think it took him to get to the altar? >> might have been a lengthy one because it cost a lot of money by all accounts. thanks, peter. >> the president sits here and lectures us about how we need to take action. what is his action? he has yet to put pen to paper and issue a jobs plan or deficit reduction plan in the last nine months. to please, don't talk to me about that. it comes from your white house. >> turned a record suspects plus into a deficit and got us involved in a war that we never should have been in and turned the floor of the new york stock exchange into a casino i don't think the people people are ready to hear a lecture from you. >> it was a feisty morning on "fox news sunday."
1:35 pm
i got the scoop from bret baier who was in for chris wallace this morning. >> you are in for chris today and "fox news sunday." the start of the show feisty. a couple of folks who didn't agree on a lot. >> karl rove and bill burton going at it really over the president's handling of the economy and the way forward. it was firey. you know that it is a little tough to be a traffic cop when one of the people it on a remote with a slight delay in austin, texas. but i tried. sometimes ineffectively. and it is good television. and it does show the back and forth that we are likely to see here in washington over how the president is handling the economy. as he gets ready to deliver the speech after labor day there is talk about where has the plan been and will it live up to all that it is being billed as. >> shannon: we talked to someone who says he has a plan and wants to be the next
1:36 pm
president, senator santorum. >> he is convinced he is getting traction in iowa and. and he says the straw poll finish is better than tax increases. still questions about raising money and his ability to hang in there. he describes it as the little engine that could and thinks that he can get to the iowa caucuses with a big finish. we talk a lot about his policy specifics. wanted to dig down into what he would do as president both on the economy and foreign policy. he is trying to make a stand and keep going. >> how does he differentiate himself from the other contenders out there who continue to poll consistently way ahead of. of. >> he said his time in the senate and getting things done was the difference for him as a candidate. that hasn't been a message that has really taken off across the country. his hopes are are in iowa and that is why he has gone to 60 plus counties with his family
1:37 pm
in tow and doing it on a shoe sprinshoestring budget. he points to mike huckabee. he is hoping for that miracle path as well. >> shannon: and anybody who follows rick santorum knows that is quite a family he is taking with him all through iowa. that and an interesting panel as well. thanks for the preview. >> you got it. >> shannon: and you can watch more "fox news sunday" a little bit later. well, as protesters flood the streets of damascus and syria, the president gets ready to speak amid calls for his resignation. that begs the question what is next for that country. judith, thank you for your time today. what do you make of where we stand today with syria? >> well, we are certainly much more ahead of the curve in terms of where the protesters want us to go. finally, finally the obama administration called for assad
1:38 pm
explicitly to step down but now a great agenda remains and that is getting the europeans to follow suit with the americans in cutting off syrian oil. president assad earns about $7 million to $8 million a day from exporting about 150,000-barrels of oil. that has to be cut because most of that goes to europe. we have cut off the 6,000-barrels that go to the united states and frozen syrian assets in the country but the europeans going to play a crucial role. ditto the russians, shannon. the russians have to be persuaded to stop selling arms to president assad. so far the administration has done a pretty good job of having a coordinated policy but the hard stuff lies ahead. >> what do you think we may hear from assad tonight. he is going to speak after the
1:39 pm
evening news programs in syria. what do you think we will hear from him? >> i think we will hear very much what we have been using from colonel qaddafi in libya. he won't use the word rats but he will use the words saboteurs, treasonnists. i think he is not -- it is hard to predict what he will do but there are no indications so far that he is going to step down or go quietly to riyadh to the deposed dictators compound that the saudis are offering him. i don't think he shows any signs of stepping down from power. >> and i want to ask you about iran's role in this whole thing. >> if iran loses syria, shannon, this would be a huge blow to the mullahs because syria is iran's only real dependable arab ally other than, unfortunately, iraq which has been lately siding with iran more and more. so losing the country through
1:40 pm
which it supplies weapons to hezbollah in lebanon, losing the country that is one of the frontline states in the fight against israel as an ally that would be a huge blow for the iranians, they don't want it to happen. >> judith miller with the latest on syria. thanks so much. >> nice to see you and good to be here. >> the controversy over plans to built a muslim community center near ground zero may have fallen out of the headlines but that issue is far from settled. developers want to try again ahead of the 10th anniversary of 9/11. a fair and balanced debate on what is happening there, next. q double shift... i need a break. he needs some gellin'. yeahhhhhhh. gellin' is like having a teeny tiny foot masseuse in your shoe. you like ? nice ! dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. outrageous comfort, all-day long. have i got a surprise for you! yeah, it's new [ barks beneful healthy fiesta. gotta love the protein for muscles-- whoo-hoo! and omega-rich nutrition for that shiny coat.
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can help you find the answers. sprint. america's favorite 4g network. trouble hearing on the phone? visit >> shannon: it has been almost a year since controversy erupted over plans to build a muslim community center and mosque near ground zero. the project developer seems to be adapting a new strategy to get the center built. here to discuss the future of the project are an attorney with the american center for law and justice and the new york council on american islamic relations. gentlemen, welcome to you bothing. >> thank you, shannon. >> thank. >> shannon: controversy over a fund raising deadline set to end september 10. a lot of folks think that is too close to the 9/11 anniversary. is it a coincidence, something that maybe could have been finessed differently? >> i have spoken actually to the provider of 51 and they are
1:45 pm
not for the reasons that it is a solemn occasion they are not doing any fund raising on 9/11 and they have been fund raising for the past year. i think what has to be understood. >> that wasn't the question, though. again, that is not the question. >> shannon: organ. >> ion 'cuse me, can i -- >> jordan, hold on one second. i will give you plenty of chance to respond. let's respond and then jordan, you will get your response. >> i think what is really important the people writing about it and the bloggers and antiislamic hate groups are asking for funds while they talk about the issue. they are actually using this heightened state of fear and hatred to start asking for money. this is a big fund raising period for the antimuslim hate groups in america to talk about this. >> shannon: jo are dan, is that a fair accusation? >> what is interesting, ziyad and from care's perspective is that you said this was all about filing all the lawsuits against mosques. we are the group that brought the lawsuit. we are in court to stop the ground zero mosque and since then two imams have quit.
1:46 pm
let me have we filed lawsuits against any other mosque across the country? no. this was about the ground zero mosque. so quit it with the rhetoric about this is islam maphobia. it is not. part two, it is sick that they are using 9/11 to raise money to build a mosque scring that 9/11 was thousands of americans who died at the hands of people who claim to be muslims. they are using 9/11 to raise money to build the ground zero mosque. they call it now a prayer space. >> can i get a word in here? >> you can respond to this. >> can i get a word in here? >> i thought it wasn't about 9/11. we kept being told it wasn't about 9/11. it was about the community's local needs. why use the 10 n. anniversary to raise money to weld the mosques. >> i would like to say that your o also sued elizabeth city, south carolina, for exactly the opposite reasons. you wanted to prevent that city
1:47 pm
from condemning a christian church but you want to con sem a mosque in new york city. the height of hypocrisy is what your organization represents. >> can i finish. >> shannon: everybody pause. [ overlapping speakers ] >> shannon: time-out. time-out. jordan, if you with hold on. jordan, we will give you -- jordan, we will give you a chance to respond. but if you guys talk over each other, nobody can understand either one of you if you both are talking. let him finish his answer and then jordan, you can respond. >> what jordan fails to recognize is that muslims were killed in the building on 9/11. al-qaeda has killed more muslims than nonmuslims. my wife and brother are first responders. hundreds of first responders were muslims and american muslims were attacked by al-qaeda on those days. you are creating civil discourse and hatred amongst americans. the organizations that you represent are creating hate rhetoric amongst americans and they are requesting fund
1:48 pm
raising. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i'm going to respond to this one and i doll it quickly. >> shannon: very quickly. a few seconds let. >> care -- you talking to me makes you. [ overlapping speakers ] >> i think the american people don't trust a word coming out of his ho mouth considering his friends and coworkers are serving long-term jail sentences. >> jordan, we work with the fbi every day. we work with the fbi every day. >> that is not what robert mueller said. you are making that up. >> that is not true. >> don't take a swipe at us. >> that is not true. >> shannon: gentlemen, your time is up. clear you are not going to find any area of agreements. >> sick to use 9/11 to build this mosque. thank you. >> yeah, you, too. >> shannon: everyone makes them but not everyone can recover. how should they handle the gaffes on the campaign trail.
1:49 pm
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>> shannon: we are getting news out of tripoli. there are number of reports coming in now that libyan
1:53 pm
rebels have actually made it to the capital of tripoli from the west. now, that news is also coming as muammar qaddafi is apparently broadcasting a message on libyan state television calling on supporters to come from all regions all over the country to defend the capital but again we are getting word all day that the rebels have been making progress. now, reports coming in from a number of sources that they have reached the capital of tripoli. we will keep ju you updated on that. there have been a number of stumbles on the campaign trail. happens to the best of candidates out there. this week, rick perry made a few. certainly not the only one. how do you bounce back from gaffes? let's ask image specialist ryan parker who joins us from the studio. we want to start because governor perry is one of the newest ones in. and play something that happened with him on the campaign trail this week. >> and it as theory that is out there
1:54 pm
>> shannon: you hear a mom there prompting him to ask about evolutionism. >> he said that evolutionism and creation ace many iism is n the texas schools. h his biggest mistake is how he answered the question. what a do you think of evolution. instead of going with a personal opinion he interjects the school system and what is taught and as soon as you do that you open pandora's box. he could have said the same thing if it was a personal opinion. you look at that and say why are you saying this and what do you need to do to go ahead and get your mess act out there without jumping into this hole. it was really bad for him to say that. he could have avoided the whole
1:55 pm
situation. >> shannon: and something that was much less of a gaffe but still a gaffe nonetheless. congress woman michele bachmann saying let's wish elvis happy birthday. it was really the anniversary of his death. is that a throwaway. >> when you see this happening over and over it starts to undermind the credibility. we often see the mistakes happen to candidates for issues that aren't important to the things they want to be talking about. this yes, this is a throw away. the real issues that matter these little mistakes start really adding up. >> and no matter how much support you may have once you get there on the campaign trail officially once you are in the microscope is on. >> the microscope is always on. everything is looked at as parted and edgage rated and you need to be on top of your game and stick to the points that you master and know history and fact check. >> and don't get off and trails. >> it thank you for weighing in. >> thank you so much. >> shannon: we asked, you
1:56 pm
answered. your answers to our twitter question, next. [ male announcer ] butter. love the taste, but want to cut back on f? try smart balance buttery sead. 's heart-healthier than butter. with omega-3s. 64% less saturated fat. andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ andlinically proven to help support healthy cholesterol. you could save a bundle with geico's multi-policy discount.
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>> shannon: on twitter jim writes my biggest worry is that we are deep in a recession but no one wants to admit it. no one wants to use the r word. david writes, i don't think we fully came out of the last one and can he ringo starr writes ikevin rights in a way yes but we do need a leader that h


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